Greetings, Chummers!


I know this is a little awkward but hey, that’s showbiz, right? You’ve all been chosen because you’re beautiful. Absolutely beautiful! You have the skills and talents to make it in this biz. That something special audiences have been craving: The killer instincts of a ‘Runner. Am I right or am I right? Course I’m right!

All you’ve been missing is an opportunity and resources. A chance to shine. That’s where I come in, chummer. You’ve been thrown into a pile of drek and it’s up to you to climb out or geek out. If you get out, hey you’re in to the hottest new show on the planet!
Or… you can go back to being a wageslave. It’s up to you, chummer.

SCYTHE, a Shadowrun 5th Edition campaign beginning soon. Characters should be made as beginning street-level runners and should be either street scum or wageslaves. Personality and dice required.


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